Pinedale Trust

Elizabeth and Desmond O'Sullivan | Trustees for the Pinedale Trust |

We have been dairy farming for approximately 50 years and contracting for 22 years and obviously a good accountant is required in order to operate the financial aspect of any business successfully.

Previous accountants we employed we felt we didn’t quite connect with them.  Then one  day I was listening to the radio and I heard an advert being played advertising a local accountant who owned a dairy farm and had years of farming experience behind him.  This is when I realised that is where the connection is that is missing.

So I phoned him made an appointment.  That was approximately 16 years ago and we began employing D.B. Osborne Chartered Accountants as our accountant.  We have been with him ever since with absolutely no regrets.

I like dealing with David and his staff as they are always contactable and approachable and nothing is too much trouble.  We and our business are always treated in a very professional and friendly manner.  They have always been a great asset to our farming and contracting businesses.